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About the Teyvat Tribune

The Teyvat Tribune is a Genshin Impact fanzine that reimagines Teyvat's
beloved characters in a newspaper setting! Have you ever wondered
what an interview with the Raiden Shogun herself post-Vision Decree
would entail? Or perhaps you'd like to stay up to date with the latest of
the Knights of Favonius's exploits?
Look no further, for the Teyvat Tribune is here to report on
all of Teyvat's most newsworthy residents and events!

Interest CheckAug 1st – Sept 14th.a
Contributor ApplicationsSept 28th – Nov 9th.b
Results sentNov 23rd.c
Pitches dueDec 3rd.d
Check-in 1Jan 7th.e
Check-in 2Feb 4th.f
Check-in 3March 4th.g
FinalApril 1st.h
Pre-OrdersExpected Late April.i

Dates subject to change


What is a zine?
A zine is a collection of artwork and/or writing centered around a theme/message, and can come with merch. The Teyvat Tribune is a fanzine and will feature fanworks made around Genshin Impact's characters in a newspaper AU!
What is this zine about?
The Teyvat Tribune: A Genshin Fanzine is a newspaper themed zine dedicated to printing out the best works centered around our favorite Genshin characters in the modern world as they chase down news stories, capture the truth in 4K on their cameras, or relax in the coffee break room after a long, hard day of journalism!
There will also be a staple-bound/leaflet-style side zine (The Teyvat Tribune itself) for the articles that the Genshin characters were working so hard to create in the main zine!Will this zine be for-profit or for-charity?
This zine will be for-charity! The charity is TBD at the moment~
How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors will be guaranteed a free digital bundle and the option to purchase merchandise at the production price.We have three tiers of compensation for contributors depending on our sales!
Tier 1 Goal: Digital Breakeven
- All contributors will receive a free digital bundle
- All contributors will have the option to purchase the zine and/or merch at production cost + shipping
Tier 2 Goal: Physical Breakeven
- All contributors will receive a free digital bundle
- All contributors may choose to get a full physical bundle for cost of shipping (contribs cover only the shipping), as well as buy extra zines/merch at production cost
Tier 3 Goal: Physical Profit
- All contributors will receive a free digital bundle
- All contributors may also choose to get a full physical bundle for free with shipping covered out of our profits, as well as buy extra zines/merch at production cost
For Tier 2 and Tier 3, if a contributor chooses not to receive a physical bundle, they will still receive a free full digital bundle, and the monetary equivalent of their portion of compensation is essentially donated to charity. Any remaining proceeds after contributor compensation will go to charity.Which Genshin Impact characters can we include in the zine?
Any Genshin Impact characters featured in-game by the time our Contributor Applications get sent out can be included in the zine!
What if I have other questions about this zine? Where do I go?
Our ever-reliable newspaper publishing company will gladly assist you if you send a question to our Curious Cat, email us, or DM us on Twitter!
Who can apply to this zine?
The Teyvat Tribune believes that anyone with a story to share should be able to tell it, so everyone is encouraged to apply regardless of skill level! However, any applicant found promoting hateful material (racism, homophobia, sexism, biphobia, xenophobia, etc.) will be turned away, regardless of their skill shown. We also ask that applicants be 16+ at the time of application.
Can I have NSFW content in my application?
Your portfolio can contain NSFW content, but please make sure that it is tagged correctly. Untagged or improperly tagged works will be immediately disqualified. Your three samples, however, should be SFW. In general though, the moderator team heavily suggests that your application consists of mostly SFW works, as this is a SFW zine.
How many contributors will you be accepting?
The Teyvat Tribune is looking for new hires! We aim to accept about 20-24 page illustrators (including comic artists), 8 merch illustrators, and 6-8 fanfiction/prose writers. This number includes any guests!
How will artists be judged?
Page artists will be judged on the general composition, creativity, backgrounds, and coloring of their works. Please note that your pieces can be either traditionally or digitally made!
Comic artists will be judged on their ability to tell a cohesive and flowing story within limited space, general composition, creativity, backgrounds, and coloring of their works. Pieces may be either traditional or digital!Merch artists will be judged on composition and creativity of their works, and their demonstration of their ability to create (either physically or digitally) artwork that can be produced as merch.How will writers be judged?
Writers will be judged on their ability to tell a story within a word limit, proper grammar use, flow, syntax, characterization, and language.
Is plagiarism tolerated?
No. We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism, and any portfolios containing plagiarized content will be disqualified with no consideration.
Are collaborations allowed in the zine?
Most definitely! Channels will be provided for contributors to match up into collaborations. Moreover, for the side zine, each writer will be paired up with an illustrator so that each “newspaper article” can be accompanied by a corresponding “photograph”!
Will ships be featured?
No. Ships will not be a major focal point in any pieces, as that is not the theme or focus of this zine.

Any more questions? Consult our info doc here or ask us on our Curious Cat!

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